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This page has a lot of pretty useless information (stuff about being mounted in moonkin form/nicknames?) and seems to go off on a million tangents. If this page is about Moonkin druid tactics and strategies, I believe it should be under a different name or be made into a different page entirely, and not under the actual talent information page. There is no additional page that covers the talent itself, not to mention this page itself is rather inaccurate and very biased. Androgyn 21:57, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

Moonkin form looks terrible! It looks like the costume shop is back open, with a special on chicken suits. For the final form, I think Blizzard could have done a lot better. It should have been a disguise one instead, so that the Druids could sneak into enemy territory, detected only by high awareness, like the "Perception" ability the humans have. What animal is it supposed to be, anyway?

Well, at least the Night-Elf one has a scary look to it. The Tauren one has nothing!

Deleted the comment on the mana regeneration from melee attacks. It's no longer valid after the 3.0.2 changes. Felindre (talk) 06:44, 8 November 2008 (UTC)


Someone with more knowledge of OOMkin leather should start a list of suitable gear and where to find it, simply because its very very difficult to find. I just swapped specs because my guild has too many resto druids, and I'm have a heck of a time just getting blue replacements for my purple healing gear. I currently look like a mage who decided a hide of the wild was a good choice... Roffler 15:26, 3 August 2006 (EDT)

Perhaps someone can add PvP tips? -Omacron

I disagree! Moonkin form is extremely sexy. Seriously. Gold-tawny-white with moose horns and a cute beak...what's wrong with it? Plus, its dance...*gasp*. Hot. So hot.


I removed the following note:

  • With the addition of the spell Cyclone the Moonkin can replace a mage or warlock's group role with it's own CC.

Cyclone has diminishing returns and is therefore not suited for keeping a mob CC'd for > 10 seconds. Sad, but true.

Removed a note about the dance that was inaccurate. Dragonteuthis 20:44, 27 February 2008 (UTC)


It would appear that Moonkin form actually has some tank potential, as evidenced by this forum post: [1]. The character involved claims to have tanked 7/15 heroic dungeons, and well as a few bosses in Karazhan, in Moonkin form, mainly using +resilience PVP gear. Could we mention the potential of moonkin tanking on this page? Ygoloxelfer 13:50, 19 September 2007 (UTC)

Wouldn't hurt to put it on the 'druids as tanks' page, as it's a druid, tanking. I personally tanked up to UBRS as moonkin, at level, before BC. Hard with no grab aggro moves but can be done with careful management. --Azaram 05:07, 20 December 2007 (UTC)
A Starfire/Moonfire combo is useful for pulling a mob off a clothy; I did it all the time in Scarlet Monastery (even before I had Moonkin Form) to get mobs off our Priest, and we weren't even using a tank! Felindre


What patch did Moonkin form first appear in? --Azaram 21:05, 9 January 2008 (EST)

Healing in Moonkin and Damage in Tree of Life? And mounting. Edit

Why not enable those in both those forms? I hear a lot of "It would be OP because it would be a plate healer and damage dealer"... isn't that what a Paladin is? And I don't want to hear "Well a Ret and Prot pally can't heal as good as a Holy pally, and a Holy pally can't DPS as good as the other two." Well a Resto Druid can't DPS as good as Balance and Balance can't heal as good as Resto. So does anyone have a valid argument as to why Moonkin can't heal and Tree of Life can't cast DPS spells? Kinda bugs me when I aggro multiple mobs on accident and have to leave Moonkin and the plate armour boost to heal where I'm more vulnerable and then have to shift back into the form to regain the defense boost. And... why can't we just mount in both these forms? Moonkin is a humanoid and they eliminated the "weight restrictions" on mounts. Tree of life, not so sure how to argue it because it's an Elemental and it doesn't seem to be able to stay on a mount, but still. I'm fairly sure I should go to Blizz forums to ask, but I figured I'd give this place a shot before I go there to get ignored. --Mykael Mourningsun

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