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Actually, when looking at a cartogrophers map, you can see a large empty zone west of stonetalon. also, if there was land northwest of the barrens and connecting to ashenvale/stonetalon, it could specifically connect to the zoram strand and west of stonetalon, as long as it's northwest of the barrens.

Rexxar claims to be the last one but he may not want to endanger his breatheren so that could be why.

This race fits all the clues perfectly.

Model in the Game Has something to do with outland A questionable alliance

Also, bloodelves were leaked shortly before blizzcon so this wouldn't be the first time.

I don't think this will be the new race for some reasons: First of all, Rexxar is the last of his kind. Also, the model in game is actually the same as an orc's, just with a pink skin. - Tinkerer

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