Hello all . . . questions, comments and suggestions should be posted on the addon page on but I will at time just document what I'm working on here.

I'm also in the process of designing my own Compilation UI, and considering making something along the lines of nUI, but I'll keep you updated on everything her, feel free to drop me a few lines. Tearstar (talk) 23:16, 3 June 2009 (UTC)

Archive of Development Desk Comments by AuthorEdit

June 8 2009

Well I haven't recieved any comments of Mini-Targ 3.3beta bugging out, so I have advanced it to Release Candidate. Development on the status bars was originally supposed to go into Mini-Targ itself at default, but then I got to thinking, "what if people didn't want to use the status bars, there are too many unit frame addons out there for me to make it default . . . so I decided to develop Mini-Targ Status Bar Module. This handle the targets HP/MP, displays remaining hp in a numeric percentage. The status bar for Health changes color depending on remaining HP. Green=100%, yellow is 25%-99%, and red is 25% and below. You can find this module under Mini-Targ's plug-in section on Well enjoy the addon. Soon I will be bringing code snippets to you so you can modify to fit your UI. See you soon on . . The Development Desk'. Tearstar (talk)

June 4 2009

Currently I am working on introducing StatusBars to Mini-Targ, which is in post-production now, just fine-tuning it. It doesn't update as quickly as I would like but I'll work on that for future release. Also I want to include a "Target's Target" notation somewhere, I'm thinking inbetween the rotation buttons at the bottom of the frame, then you would see a text name of your target's target, Just thought of this today so it's in alpha. I'm also considering just adding the target's target's portrait instead of text . . . more on that later. The camera buttons, and rotation features will gain more development after ver 3.3, I'd like to have them respond to mousewheel and click-draggin to facilitate rotating and zooming the model, but that will be a future feature. Since most of the basic features are in development and updates will begin to slow down in frequency that way when you update, it will be big changes and not bugfixes.

Thanks alot and we'll see you next time on the development desk . . . Tearstar (talk)

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