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Update Edit

I'm so sorry I haven't updated. Life has been hectic and I'm on a verizon jetpack with very iffy connection. Coupled with little time to play wow, sit down and update this page, and the general lack of reliability in my connection I may not be able to update any time soon. I'm hoping to have the time to sit down and do some updates in the near future. I hesitate to call this abandoned, because it's still on my to do list, but I have no clue when I'll be able to get to it. Sorry. —This unsigned comment is by Jasmer (talkcontribs) 22:40, December 18, 2012‎. Please sign your posts with ~~~~!

Update 7/13/2014Edit

Been updating the guide a bit.  Removed Doom Weed and Gloom Weed with no plants to re-add later, there just isn't any information on what they actually do that I could find.  Changed formatting for Lotus plants, will do the same for Lily plants to make them a little easier to find.  Sorry in advance if I mess anything up, I still mostly don't know how to format this page. Jasmer (talk) 19:22, July 13, 2014 (UTC)

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