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Races and Professions Edit

Now that I centralized the gear list this article is a bit empty. In the interest of eventually adding content...

I have a Draenei herbalist mage which I twinked in every bracket up to 80, during Wrath. (And was my second 85) I discovered this was a pretty killer OH SHIT combo once I got Iceblock, if a fight was going bad and I was about to die, I could pop Lifeblood, Gift of the Naaru then Iceblock, and heal to full while hordies watched helplessly, (No one can dispell IB until 70+) thus resetting the fight in my favor. Saved my ass many, many times. Unfortunately once I hit 80 the scaling made the heals insignificant, rendering the trick mostly useless. No idea how well this works post-cata, Lifeblood is an instant heal now so there's no need for IB to give it time to work, and GotN is a fixed %20 which won't reset the fight but on the other hand is no longer so useless at max level... Given Mages otherwise have no in-combat heals, any extra heal is incredibly valuable in random battlegrounds where you can't depend on a healer...

So I guess that's my vote for Draenei-Herbalist mages. :) Give it a try. NinjaSeg (talk) 02:04, August 20, 2011 (UTC)

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