Expand based on great forum thread Edit

Can someone do a thorough survey of the great forum thread: 1. Guild Loot Distribution Systems | 7/8/2006 4:00:51 AM PDT by Angelie and integrate it into this article? --Fandyllic 4:08 PM PDT 24 Jul 2006

Problem is Loot system doesn't nescersarely imply DKP-based loot distribution, so formulating anything coherent is relatively difficult, as you'd ideally want to create an overview of various loot distribution systems without going into details of any in particular. Dragon kill points is a much better article for point-based loot distribution. Starlightblunder 05:28, 2 August 2006 (EDT)

Note Category:Loot Distribution Systems and "Individual Loot Distribution Systems" --Mikk 19:05, 24 July 2006 (EDT)

Shouldn't "Individual Loot Distribution Systems" instead be "Raid Loot Distribution Systems"? --Vuelhering

I think "Individual Loot Distribution Systems" should be deleted - I orphaned it for now -- Batox

Great wikipedia Article Edit

I think [[[wikipedia:User:Saraid/DKP]] has a very good summary about Loot Systems. Essmene 14:36, 26 January 2008 (UTC)

Separating Fact and Discussion Edit

Today, I made an attempt to acheive this. I'm wondering whether we shouldn't create a whole set of "discussion" pages - OTOH I think this form of the article is OK. The "Fact" section has become actually rather short :) --Batox 15:23, 17 March 2008 (UTC)

Inflation issue Edit

The current draft of this article suggests that "real world" inflation does not occur in point systems outside zero-sum. Inflation does occur any time the number of points entering the system exceed the number of points leaving the system. That is if you give out 20 DKP to 25 raid members for a total of 500 DKP awarded, but only ten drops are purchased at 25 DKP each (250 DKP total), the system now has 250 "extra" DKP accrued on the raiders. This 250 remnant DKP (or 10 per player) represents a hump that needs to be climbed by a new player before he's caught up to where the raiders were before they started the raid.

This form of inflation has punishing effects to new players -- after ten such raids, a new player would need to raid five times before he "caught up to zero". The effects are even more punishing to people who can only raid part time, because these people quite simply never catch up. In the system described above, a person who can only make half the raid dates only gets about a quarter as many loot opportunities as a person who raids full time.

This can be demonstrated in rough averages, but basically the problem is that the loot gap continues to widen on each successive raid. Zero-sum does not erase the loot gap, but it does prevent it from growing.

Phinar (talk) 20:55, 10 November 2008 (UTC)

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