It would seem this ability does not scale with AP at all. > Patch 2.4 brings scaling. See note from 14/02/08

3/6/07 Lacerate got hotfixed same day patch 2.0.10 went live.

"The Druid ability Lacerate now deals a small amount of instant damage, generating threat, against bleed immune creatures."

With the gear i tested it in it deals 25 instant damage.(without mangle).Can anyone confirm how much additional threat this makes, and how it scales with AP?

3/6/07 According to Labrat (Korgath), the frontloaded threat from lacerate is between 374 and 424.[1] Cirion (Shadowmoon) claims that the frontloaded threat is 285 and the bleed threat is equal to 20% of the bleed damage.[2] All this data takes into account the 30% built in threat in bear form, as well as the 15% additional threat from Feral Instinct.

3/7/07 According to Tangedyn (Dragonblight)'s comments on Labrat's test. Labrat seems forgot to calculate bear form threat modifier on his auto-attack threat. the corrected frontload threat value in Labrat's test would be 258.3 - 292.8 which includes the 24 lacerate hit damage.

To those who have posted above or anyone who knows, how much extra threat does it generate upon critting the target?

11/12/07 The generally accepted rotation for Lacerate is Mangle + Lacerate x3, repeat, with Maul tossed in when GCD and rage allow, even on bleed immune mobs. Is there any reason to keep the errant "tip" on using Lacerate posted on the page?

14/02/08 After some quick research on PTRs for 2.4 I posted my results on Lacerate scaling with AP.

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