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correct me if im wrong but wont it be 1.45*1.3/0.8/0.5 due to the fact that you will be healing from range not melee distance so the gaining agro from warrior will have a 1.3 multiplier this gives 4.7125 healing to damage ratio. also i thought i'd add blessing of salvation into the equation with its 30% threat reduction

so the new equation with:

Warrior in defensive stance, with defiance: 1.45 multiplier Gaining aggro from Warrior: 1.3 multiplier Priest with discipline: 80% threat Healing: each point gives 0.5 threat Paladin's Blessing of salvation: 70% threat

Together, 1.45 * 1.3 / 0.8 / 0.5 / 0.7 = 6.73214. thats more than 50% extra healing that can be done without drawing aggro if this Formula is correct --The pape

Since the warrior gains half a point of threat for every point of healing gained as well as the healer getting half a point for doing the healing, I think the formula requires a 0.5 in the numerator. If I'm right, this 0.5 cancels out with the 0.5 in the denominator that the healer gains, so the ratio ends up being half of 6.73214.
1.45*1.3*0.5/(0.8*0.7*0.5) = 3.366
No, if the warrior and the priest both gained 0.5 aggro from the healing spell, then the priest could never pull aggro off a warrior simply by healing (with the possible exception of the warrior being in Battle/Berzerker stance?).
Also, there is no guarantee that Discipline and Salvation stack, thus proposing the above formula is meaningless unless you're going to do research to back it up.
--ProphetOfCod 10:34, 29 August 2006 (EDT)

Shield Slam takes 20 rageEdit

Shield Slam now takes 20 rage, compared to the previous 30. --User:Jedhunsaker

Disarm equals 165 threatEdit

My roommate and I just calculated Disarm at 165 threat value. We used about 40 test scenarios of data to find this number, so we're pretty confident that it is accurate.

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ShieldSlam 4tw! Edit

hi, nice article but some facts have to be added imo.

1. HS does not generate rage it only costs 15 rage. so spamming to much hs on encounters doing less damage to you whats ends in less rage is no good idea.
2. ShieldSlam now only costs 20 rage and is an instant spell with 6 seconds CD. in generates "only" 250 hate compared to sunder but it also deals damage.
a shieldSlam crit of 900 dmg = 900 + 250 = 1150 raw hate compared to 260 for a sunder for only 5 more rage.
3. also the waepon should be selected by the encounter you have to tank. if you get not much rage on an encounter you will avoid to spam HS so it is much more important to have a high dps weapon than a fast weapon to generate more rage by greater dmg dealed to the mob. the best way to tank those encounters is to use no HS and no shiledblock just use SA, shieldslam and revenge always when it is possible.
4. your talking about shieldblock costs 4 rage cause of getting less dmg. this point may be important on encounters like ragnaros or onyxia where you got rage problems but in highend content you have no rage problem - you have to survive. the most important fact of shieldblock is that a blocked attack can not be a crit nor a crushing hit! with t2 gear you have >25% chance to block + 75% from shieldblock is >100% against lvl 60 mobs and nearly 100% against lvl63 mobs. this will end in 1% chance (1% chance is always given in wow) to get crits or crushing hits. crits (dmg * 2) can be avoided by the defence skill but crushing hits (dmg * 1,5) can only avoided by shieldblock. eg. maexxna is a lvl64 mob - to kill her with t2 gear you have to wear a maximum of +def gear to avoid the high amount of crushing hits and crits and always use shieldblock to reduce dmg.

my 2cent
greetz splatter

Question about difference in level. Edit

I know that this maybe merely my perception of things but I was wondering if anyone noticed if the difference in level between a mob and a player would affect the amount of aggro they generated while healing. I can't find any information that confirms or denies this, but I do know that from my own personal experiences as a preist that is seemed that when I was at lower levels (as compared to the mobs) I would pull far more aggro than if I was at a higher level (with the same set of talents and gear).


Chronosis 21:55, 11 April 2007 (EDT)

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