8000 rep with Keepers of Time on first Black Morass clear

How does one edit the list of faction items? The list is incomplete as of May 25th 2008

Drums of panic Edit

these are now (as of patch 2.3) available at honored. I am new to this and can't seem to find out how to change this in the "Items sold" category. I've already changed all the info regarding the item...except this.

Teleport from Shattrath Edit

in patch 2.4 there is a note that, with high enough reputation, you can talk to a guy somewhere in shatt and get teleported to CoT. WHere is this guy and what reputation do you must have? Alliance 15HJT (t/c) 08:59, 30 March 2008 (UTC)

High elf lady (I forget her name) in a white dress floating in the World's End Tavern, on the left side as you enter. My main, who is Exalted with Keepers, is able to take the teleport. My alt, who is Honored with Keepers, is not given the option to take the teleport. Does anyone have a toon who is Revered with Keepers to test this out? -- Rimefang, 01 April 2008, 03:16.
It's Revered that you can start taking this teleport at; it's mentioned specifically in the patch notes and confirmed on several toons. -- Scieran 15:22, 6 April 2008 (UTC)

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