My Jousting Strategy Edit

After a few days of doing dailies at the tournament you can start to read the NPC's pretty well. Here's my jousting strat:

  • Have 3 stacks of defense up.
  • Initiate combat by opening with a charge.
  • Melee after initial charge and begin my "rotation"
    • Run away or through the target but keep facing them and stick them with a shield-breaker asap. (If you time it just right you can actually hit the shield breaker and be on you way back towards the target at the same time. This gives you a slight advantage over the NPC and if done correctly will prevent them from ever getting off a shield-breaker).
    • If you timed shield-breaker properly and your turn you're now back in melee range so stick them with a melee attack. (Once again if done right you'll see the melee+shield breaker land on the target very close together if not at the same time).
    • Repeat the shield-breaker + melee combo until the target is dead or the your defense needs to be refreshed.
    • If defense needs to be refreshed, skip a melee and pop it back up.
  • Also, once you learn to read the npc you can see they'll try to run away from you to get their defense up. At that point you can generally get off a good charge without them charging you as well.

When I do this, I will normally never take a shield-breaker hit or a charge. This keeps them locked down and on the defensive, right where you want them. Anyway, just a few tips I've found out that helped me get through my dailies quicker. --Fallst (talk) 01:13, September 5, 2009 (UTC)

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