Trash Clear Edit

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aite. i'm proposing that a similar section be created for every single one of the bosses. as soon as someone comes up with a successful strategy for clearing trash (since most of them are timed events) a section should either be included with every boss in a pre battle stage and or on the talk section. it could be just my two cents, but the trash in this instance is at times a bigger pain in the 4$$ than the bosses themselves. the key to a fast clear in Zul'Aman is an effective trash clear strategy. so when the geniuses from Death and Taxes (or another notable group) figures that out, it should go here.
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Enrage ? Edit

on the live server, we tried to focus on getting all the eggs down quickly, so at 35%, we didnt deal with a huge batch. This meant less dps on the boss. According to this article, 35% he releases all the hatchlings, and at 25% he enrages. He was at 55% and he enraged on us, when all the hatchlings were gone. It seems like there is something more to this. My deadly boss mods showed a 5 minute enrage timer, and 8 minute beserk timer. (Beserk being the "game over" enrage).

Can someone confirm that this 5 minutes is correct and not the 25% theory ?

It's a 5 minute soft enrage. He hits harder, and faster, but there's not much else that we saw. However, it isn't an 8-minute berserk. It should be 10-we definitely took longer than 3 minutes after the soft enrage to kill him last night.
-Cuberen@Dark Iron
There does seem to be a 10 minute Hard Enrage. My raid was taking things slowly, and we had all the dragonhawks down and had him under control, when at exactly 10 minutes on Deadly Boss Mods he suddenly yelled "You done run outta time!" and started dealing 30k flame breaths and 80k melee hits.
I'll go ahead and add that to the main page.
- Firala @ Stormscale US
I have modified the main page for his enrages. He does a soft enrage at 5 minutes OR 25% and a hard 'wipe the raid' enrage at 10 minutes.

Trash Edit

The Scouts walk over to a drum/gong and hit it, summoning two Elite reinforcements. They are immune to Polymorph and Sap but can be stunned. Under seven thousand health; Hammer of Justice or Cheap Shot and burn them down. Once you kill the first one, a trickle of Scouts comes to the front; wait to kill the incoming Scout before you hit the next group of trash, and kill the Scouts first (remembering to stun!) in every group.

-Kaput Kel'Thuzad

An important thing to know about is that if a member of your group disconnects you should stay with them until their body leaves. We had a scout aggro an off line member and the scout doesn't stop at 2, rather he will summon in groups of 2. I believe he stopped summoning and came to attack us when he had summoned a total of 6 guardians. So make sure you are all acting as the marines do.....Leave none behind. SacWray 19:52, 17 November 2007 (UTC)

Flame Breath Range Edit

Our entire raid tried to outrange the Flame Breath last night, and were unable to. I think that the range limit was taken out. It does, however, obey LoS, so the hatcher group was able to head to the platforms to avoid the breath. Can anyone confirm this?

-Cuberen@Dark Iron

  • Last night our raid experienced the same thing, we were unable to out-range the breaths.
  • 2nd confirmation. Unable to out-range the breaths, but LoS works.

Egg Respawn Edit

Removed the following note from dragonhawks section:

Note: If you allow one set of hatchers to hatch all the eggs on both platforms (often because you get teleported before you can kill the hatchers) then a new complete set of eggs will appear on both platforms. Most groups call for a boss reset if this happens.
If this is occurring you should note a time and WoW version as this would be a bug. -- < こちら  talkcontrib   18:09, 22 January 2008 (UTC)

Also removed following item from dragonhawks section:

You must also keep a few eggs unbroken to prevent a complete respawn of the eggs.
This is patently untrue. My guild has done the encounter a multitude of times popping all the eggs, and we have never encountered this.

-Adrikan@Burning Legion

Fire Resistance Edit

Make sure paladins use the FR aura, or if you have shamans they should use the FR totem instead. Also I would recommend all in the raid wear some FR for this fight, as it makes healing a lot easier. Just don't nerf too much other stats for it. If you don't have a prot pala to tank the adds, I recommend the AoE classes to wear as much as they can. This way the healers have a lot easier time keeping you alife and the fight becomes pretty easy. Even with the nerves because of the FR gear the raid should still have plenty dps to kill the boss in time, as he really has low health.

Amelas 12:41, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

Right, better mention a bit of this in the article. WakemanCK 02:45, 2 May 2008 (UTC)

Moonkin off-tank? Edit

There is one section mentioned that moonkin can be used to off-tank the adds. While it maybe ok for the moonkin to take the damage with his high armor, I doubt whether the 10 seconds Hurricane is enough to keep all the adds aggro on him. Can someone confirm it? Link to a video will be cool. WakemanCK 02:36, 2 May 2008 (UTC)

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