(Forgive me if I mess up an edit of this page -- it's my first time fiddling with the content of WoWWiki in any way.)

There are a few new suffixes now, I think as of 2.1. I know I've seen "of the Knight", on the Deathwing Brood Cloaks you can get from the Blade's Edge Skyguard content hub. I know that it has stamina, defense, and damage-and-healing. The WoWHead page for those cloaks shows the stats:

Dfjdejulio 16:18, 7 June 2007 (UTC)

Someone wrote an NB failing to believe that "of the Sorcerer", "of the Sun" & "of the Vision" have identical stats. I can confirm they have, the sources these suffixes come from are different however. "Of the Sorcerer" can be found on random greens from outland like the other suffixes. "Of the Sun" can only be found on items dropped by Fenissa the Assassin. "of the Vision" can only be found on items inside Outcast's Cache. Ithilian 19:43, 29 November 2007 (UTC)

Just thinking that the rant at the bottom of the page about warlocks drain spells and +healing should be removed and people re-directed to the warlock page or something. The Retard

Complete Suffix List Edit

Here is a complete (to my knowledge) list of the suffixes as of patch 3.3, many of which are not represented on the suffix page. I'm not really sure of the best way to organize them.

of Agility
of Arcane Protection
of Arcane Resistance
of Arcane Wrath
of Blocking
of Concentration
of Defense
of Eluding
of Fiery Wrath
of Fire Protection
of Fire Resistance
of Frost Protection
of Frost Resistance
of Frozen Wrath
of Healing
of Holy Wrath
of Intellect
of Magic
of Marksmanship
of Nature Protection
of Nature Resistance
of Nature's Wrath
of Power
of Regeneration
of Restoration
of Shadow Protection
of Shadow Resistance
of Shadow Wrath
of Sorcery
of Speed
of Spell Power
of Spirit
of Stamina
of Strength
of Striking
of the Ancestor
of the Bandit
of the Battle
of the Bear
of the Beast
of the Boar
of the Champion
of the Crusade
of the Eagle
of the Elder
of the Falcon
of the Foreseer
of the Gorilla
of the Grove
of the Hierophant
of the Hunt
of the Invoker
of the Knight
of the Marksman
of the Mind
of the Monkey
of the Moon
of the Necromancer
of the Nightmare
of the Owl
of the Physician
of the Prophet
of the Seer
of the Shadow
of the Soldier
of the Sorcerer
of the Squire
of the Sun
of the Thief
of the Tiger
of the Vision
of the Whale
of the Wild
of the Wolf

Wkrick (talk) 21:33, February 15, 2010 (UTC)

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