How to unequip 1 item Edit

How can i unequip sholderpad and put it in a bag ??

Answer: Short and simple:

/script PickupInventoryItem(3); *picks up the item in your shoulder slot
/script PutItemInBackpack(); *drops the item in the first availible pack slot

For further information about removing items from specific slots, see API_PickupInventoryItem


Swapping Weapons, Attacking, Swapping Back Edit

Hello and thank you for some great info! I am new to Macros however and would like to create one to switch some double wielding. I am a Rogue class and would like to switch from double Daggers to double One hand Swords. I would like one macro to do this if possible such as one keystroke to switch between the two. Is this possible and if so could someone show me an example of of this.

For instance. I would have in my main pack, in slots # 2 and 3, my daggers and want to equip both of them to main hand and offhand. Then after I use my Ambush I would like to switch back to my swords and then back again. Is this possible?

I apreciate the examples shown however again I am new so I am not sure how the finished Macro is supposed to look. Would someone be willing to walk me through it a little slower? hehe

Thx in advance!

Answer: After attempting a script that swaps a weapon from pack, uses an attack action, and reswaps, it has been discovered that macros can only swap an item out of a particular equipment slot once and only once per macro. The easy answer, of course, is to simply press the macro button twice, which then reswaps the items and attempts (and fails) to execute the attack action again, resulting in what you need.

The macro should look like this:

/script CloseMerchant(); (for accidental vendoring protection)
/script if ( not CursorHasItem() ) then PickupContainerItem(0, 2); PickupInventoryItem(16); PickupContainerItem(0, 2); PickupContainerItem(0, 3); PickupInventoryItem(17); PickupContainerItem(0,3)

(This checks cursor for an item, picks up the mainhand dagger, swaps it with your mainhand sword, puts the sword into your pack, picks up the offhand dagger, swaps it with your offhand sword, and puts that sword into your pack.)

/cast Ambush (Rank x) (shift-click the spell in your book to paste it)

Simply press it twice to swap, Ambush, and swap back. --TheRayven

Also, check out WeaponQuickSwap. --Morbid-o 14:31, 23 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Dire Warning About UseContainerItem Script Edit

After having just vendored seven irreplacable items because of an accidental macro click, I cannot stress enough the importance of using some sort of failsafe in your swap scripts. Make sure that any macro that involves weapon swapping contains at least one form of protection, regardless of how infinitesimal you think the chances of you clicking it while in a vendor are. You'll be kicking yourself over and over and over, and it takes Blizzard up to two weeks to simply verify that you've lost anything. Remember to always use one of the solutions recommended on the main page, or my personal recommendation of /script CloseMerchant();

Equip Helmet, Use, Swap? Edit

How would I make a mcro to equip the Gnomish Mind Control Cap, use it on an opponent, and then switch it back to whatever I had before? Would something like this work?

/script UseContainerItem(X, X); UseInventoryItem(1); UseContainerItem(X, X) --Bendyr 10:50, 3 April 2006 (EDT)

Out of date Edit

Isn't this article mildly out of date? There is a /equip command now. Can someone add a section to the main article for using /equip and it's parameters? --Drolfeir 04:13, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Also, wouldn't hurt to give examples of using the equip-conditional in macros, or equip macros. --Drolfeir 04:16, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

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