is the source for released somewhere?

i'm trying to find out how to get an item's stat enchantments from an itemlink. e.g. item:123:41:0:0 would return +N of some stats.

Enchant Links/Strings Edit

Blizzard introduced another type of link to WoW. The so called enchant link. This new feautre allows enchanters to shift-click enchants into the chat channel to allow other player to see what the enchant does. The syntax for this new enchant link is quite the same as for the older item links:

|cffffffff|Henchant:20024|h[Enchant Boots - Spirit]|h|r

Only the itemString (let's call it enchant string for the moment) has been changed and the meaning of the color code differs.

The question is now how to document this new type? Should we put it under itemLink and itemString?

Of course the word "item" in these names suggests that it's an item and not an enchant. But on the other side one might also argue that even enchant is an item (an enchant item).

The other option would be to introduce new API types: enchantLink and enchantString. I did that already for enchantLink but was not too happy with the outcome. That's why I started this discussion.

The problem with this is that functions accepting/returning both (item and enchant links/strings) would have to be adjusted and two new valid arguments have to be added to their argument lists. In advance even blizzard seems to call these itemLinks as GetCraftItemLink() to my knowledge only returns enchant links and not item links.

On the other side of the medal functions wich only accept one special type of link (either an enchant or an item link/string) would need an update to their description to say so (something like: itemLink - accepts only itemLinks for items.)

I myself tend more to the second solution (revamp the articles about itemLink/itemString to include the new enchant link/string, since it could also be that Blizzard does not stop with these two different types and instead might introduce new ones in upcoming patches.

Title of articleEdit

I thought I was told that there was no way to create an article with a lower case word in the front. The first word on an article somehow was forced to be capitalized by WoWWiki or something. I just saw this page not capitalized and looked into the page. It was done with {{DISPLAYTITLE:itemLink}}. So why don't we use that method for creating articles that do not have to be capitalized? Rolandius Paladin (talk - contr) 04:54, 12 January 2009 (UTC)

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