The Five Deady VenomsEdit

I added the Five Deadly Venoms section. It might need cleanup. I'm not actually sure whether or not the location is a store, as there was noone inside it.

Haggle Edit

Changed the statement about "the question".

The question to the answer of 42 is not "What is six times seven?" but instead "What is six times nine?"

While the question and answer do not make logical sense, that is the entire point. The question and answer in the book did not make sense for the purpose of not being logical.

Flying Osprey Edit

I'm not sure if this is a reference or not, so I thought I'd better discuss it before adding my own mindless drivel.

There's a sunken ship near merenthil harbour and you have to inspect it for lightforge armor during the morbent fel questline. The name could be a reference to the (unsuccesfull) aeroplane the Osprey that has been in development for the pas 40 years by now and crashes a lot. Since it's a bit far fetched I let you guys decide.

SI-7 Edit

I believe this is a reference to the British Intelligence Agency.

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