So... what about druid tanks? KelvinFrost 19:52, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

I have been looking at Leather Resistance gear for my druid as my guild has just started SSCC. BC resistance gear for feral druids seems to be a problem with this sort of gear only dropping the form of "Random Enchants". For example, a particular mob/boss will drop an item that will have a chance of being "of Frost Protection" but equally could be "of the bear/falcon/tiger/power..."; it's the sort of drop that wow players will be familiar with.

As far as i am aware Epic (Purple) drops are available in Kara; from the animal bosses and green (Uncommon) drops are available fairly widely; check the AH. Blue resistance gear mostly drop from Rare Elite spawns throughout outlands.

The nature of these "random enchants" makes them very hard to farm and possibly contributes to the lack of widely available resistance gear for Feral Druids.

Head Slot Emeral Beholder Eye Collidus the Warp Watcher - 68 Rare Elite Located: Anywhere in SMV

Leg Slot Chimaerahide Pants Drops from Nuramoc - 70 Rare Elite - Location Specific parts of Netherstorm

Shoulder slot Felstone Spaulders Drops from Morcrush 68 Rare Location Western Elite Blades Edge Mountains

Chest Slot Drake Hide Tunic Drops from Hemathion 68 Rare Elite Location South Eastern Ogri'la Blades Edge Mountains (fairly Specific area)

Feet Slot Abyssal Leather Treads Drops from Kraator 68 Rare Elite Location Shadow Moon Valley

Waist Slot Voidhide Cord Drops From Voidhunter Yar 68 Rare Nagrand Location Somewhere around Oshu'gun Crystal

Wrist Slot Illidari Bracers Drops From Ambassador Jerrikar 69 Rare Location Shadow Moon valley - near all the ememy settlements

It might be possible to obtain an additional head slot from an engineering crafted item namely Cog Spinner Goggles

--Honeyflower 06:21, 23 January 2008 (UTC)

Cloak enchant of nature resistance Edit

 The enchant given by Cenarion Hold in Silithus of 15 nature resistance in cloak is better, cheaper and easier to get.

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