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aite. i'm proposing that a similar section be created for every single one of the bosses. as soon as someone comes up with a successful strategy for clearing trash (since most of them are timed events) a section should either be included with every boss in a pre battle stage and or on the talk section. it could be just my two cents, but the trash in this instance is at times a bigger pain in the 4$$ than the bosses themselves. the key to a fast clear in Zul'Aman is an effective trash clear strategy. so when the geniuses from Death and Taxes (or another notable group) figures that out, it should go here.
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Halazzi Trash is pretty straight forward.
  • 1st Pull: Elder Lynx + Lynx Cubs -- tanks pick up cubs, kill elder lynx, aoe cubs.
  • 2nd Pull: 2 Handlers + 2 Cubs patrol -- kill handlers, then the cubs.
  • 3rd Pull: 2 Handlers + stealthed Lynx Cubs -- kill handlers, then aoe the cubs.
Move up the path next to the water to the next patrol:
  • 4th Pull: Handler + 2 crocs -- shield handler, kill crocs, then handler.
  • 5th Pull: Trigger the hidden pack of Lynxes and pull back. Kill 1 then aoe remaining.
 ! Mages should watch for the 2 Tamer patrol and sheep when they come into range
  • 6th Pull: Kill tamer patrol 1 at a time
If the patrol hasn't come yet, trigger next Lynx pack and have mages standby to sheep patrol when they come into range.
  • 7th Pull: 2nd hidden Lynx Pack. Kill 1, aoe remaining.
  • 8th Pull: 3rd hidden Lynx pack.
  • 9th Pull: 2 Tamer pack. Kill 1 at a time.
  • 10th Pull: 2 Trolls (Tamer or Handler) and 2 Lynx -- Sheep any Tamers, kill others, then kill tamer(s) 1 by 1.
Inside is a Handler/Gaurdian patrol and 2 packs of a Flame Caster/Handler/Guardian
Pull left pack if patrol is in the back and right, or pull patrol if it is close. In order to make the timer, you should not wait long for the patrol to come into range.
Pulling the Packs: Chain sheep Flame Caster till the guardian is pulled out of line of sight -- Kill guardian and handler, then kill caster. Repeat.
< こちら  talkcontrib   22:31, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

Tauntable Edit

This boss is tauntable, so something about soulstoning your tanks would be useful. You can SS your main tank and if he dies due to a bad Frenzy or somesuch he can SS-rez up and taunt.


Our experiences earlier this week were that when the MT when down, the OT went down within a few seconds from a followup saberlash. I'm speculating that changing targets may cause an immediate saberlash, but that's just one of a dozen things I'll be testing tonight.

Kaylanee - 00:33, 17 November 2007 (UTC)

Saberlash threat correction Edit

I believe the change made in regardless the OT secondary threat to be incorrect and will make an edit to revert that change back to what it was prior. Saberlash *does* indeed appear to be based on threat and if the OT is not second on threat and the person with secondary threat is not in a tanking position, the MT appears to take a full saberlash hit instead.

Kaylanee - 22:09, 16 November 2007 (UTC)

If it is a different mechanic than Mother's Saber Lash, this should be fairly easily tested - until then it should probably be assumed that it operates under the same threatless mechanic.


I would agree with you except that it was changed from a threat based mechanic by someone with no wowwiki history (I don't have much either) and no explanation. In addition, we were having saberlash split problems until we were careful with our threat. It could be a misperception on our part, but I reverted it back until we can get confirmation one way or the other.

What we really need is for a number of people to go into the fight with the parry/dodge and threat discussions in mind so they can share their experiences. I don't believe wws can record point in time threat for the combat logs it parses (that would be super helpful here), but I'm going to take a wws parse tonight on each Halazzi attempt we make in our guild run and try to confirm both mechanics. The dodge/parry one will be simple to confirm with a combat log snapshot off of wws. For the threat one, we'll just need people to watch carefully. Our first attempt (we probably won't be under a timer anyway at that point) tonight will be to specifically test the threat thing again under controlled circumstances. I'm going to have our OT generate something like 10K threat and then have ranged dps start at that point. When they pass him, we'll watch for the split saberlash damage. I'll try to get some threat meter screenshots to go with it. I fully expect the MT to get their face smashed in when ranged passes the OT.

In the meantime, has a discussion going around both topics.

Kaylanee - 00:31, 17 November 2007 (UTC)

Update: We were incorrect earlier this week regarding the threat portion of the saberlash mechanic. We allowed one ranged dps to pass the OT by double in threat (20K vs 10K) and the OT was still taking saberlash when positioned correctly. I will edit my changes to the main page to reflect this.
We also confirmed that parry or dodge by the OT does not cause a full damage saberlash to hit the MT. Should have a combat log snapshot to prove that after I dig through the logs later tonight.
Kaylanee - 04:23, 17 November 2007 (UTC)
Here's confirmation. The following is a normal Saber Lash on only one tank:
         1/11 00:15:30.116  Batmaan 's Devastate hits Halazzi for 137.
         1/11 00:15:30.116  Halazzi 's Saber Lash hits Batmaan for 17986. (610 blocked)
         1/11 00:15:30.521  Halazzi is afflicted by Sunder Armor (2).
         1/11 00:15:30.521  Batmaan dies.
Even if the MT parries you can see it still divides the damage by two:
         1/11 00:30:31.498  Halazzi 's Saber Lash was parried by Batmaan.
         1/11 00:30:32.009  Kossuth crits Halazzi for 266.
         1/11 00:30:32.009  Halazzi is afflicted by Sunder Armor (4).
         1/11 00:30:32.009  Halazzi 's Saber Lash hits Kossuth for 9014. (492 blocked)
         1/11 00:30:32.323  Kossuth gains 1 Rage from Kossuth 's Shield Specialization.
Likewise if one of them dodges:
         1/11 00:02:41.162  Halazzi 's Saber Lash was dodged by Kossuth.
         1/11 00:02:41.162  Kossuth 's Devastate hits Halazzi for 187.
         1/11 00:02:41.162  Halazzi 's Saber Lash hits Batmaan for 8334. (610 blocked)
Cheers. -- Adonran 17:57, 11 January 2008 (UTC)

Phase 2 Contradiction Edit

The fight description contradicts the strategy for Phase 2. In the fight description it says the Lynx needs to be brought to 20% to end Phase 2. In the strategy it says to ignore the Lynx because the Spirit only needs to be brought to 20% to start Phase 2. Which is it?

It's either one, actually. Either the Lynx OR the Troll must be brought to 20% of their new health meter (there's a switch when the Lynx comes out) to end the phase. I've edited the main page to try to make this more clear. - Ampersand.

I hate repeats. Hate them! ;-) Edit

When I visited this page, the first thing that struck me was that the Abilities section and Strategy section were both extremely large. Why? Because: they both discussed strategy to some degree. I performed an edit that first put abilities into more of a point-form that was consistent with other boss articles. At the same time, I moved strategic discussion into the strategy section. Duplicate information was eliminated, and where I had the choice of the Ability author's wording and the Strategy author's wording, I would sometimes dump one or sometimes integrate both. I loved the depth people went into and gave special attention to preserving all the info and suggestions. Hopefully the result appeals to the majority and the authors before me. JIM 14:38, 4 December 2007 (UTC)

I did another Strategy section clean up. Tried to get a smoother layout with bullet points so people can get a faster reference. Retained all original information.
< こちら  talkcontrib   17:49, 5 February 2008 (UTC)

Extended Macro Discussion Edit

  • An alternative and maybe superior macro to this for classes that are able to spam a spell or a spell rotation and is ranged dps, like a mage, I'll use Frostbolt for my example. This will target in reverse order, so if a totem is up it will target that over the lynx. when the totem goes down, it will target the lynx instead. "/cast Frostbolt" would be switched to your spell of choice. And it won't ever get in your way if you leave it on your bar, unless say a hunter has a pet named halazzi.
/targetexact Halazzi
/targetexact Spirit of the Lynx
/targetexact Corrupted Lightning Totem
/cast Frostbolt
Note the above assumes that the raid is killing the Lynx spirit during split phase. If your raid kills Halazzi during the split phase, you could remove the '/targetexact Spirit of the Lynx' for identical functionality. < こちら  talkcontrib   17:24, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

Shoddy Cleanup of Stategy Section Edit

Whoever last cleaned that section removed something EXTREMELY important that requires confirmation, and should be slapped on the fingers. There is a theory according to which he does NOT use Saber Lash when Frenzied. Please do not be stupid and remove this unless PROOF is given that he does continue Saber Lashing when Frenzied. If you can prove it, please put it in the talk page before removing it. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Drium (talkcontr).

He does saber lash while frenzied, and anyone that has done the fight can clearly observe it. I'll post a combat log if you really want to see proof next time we run it but in the meantime --
1 - Sign your comments using ~~~~
2 - Be careful about calling people stupid
I don't use wowwiki often enough to know how to sign comments I make, sorry. Regardless, the reason I was annoyed at this is that I clearly remember reading that theory on this page, but suddenly it's gone, and no mention of it whatsoever is left, not even a 'confirmed' or 'busted' section. I think, whenever a theory is thrown in the air, the least people can do is keep a mention of it somewhere, even if it's just the talk page. Drium 05:39, 25 March 2008 (UTC)
Conversely, I've never heard this 'theory' and if you'd like to gather support for something that goes against the natural assumption regarding the fight, please provide proof as well.
< こちら  talkcontrib   15:53, 23 March 2008 (UTC)

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