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This article's purpose is twofold. First up, it centralizes all the information common to group buffs (implied: targeted, which means that stuff like the [Headmaster's Charge] don't really conform, but boo hoo).

Secondly, because that information is all collected in one area, and so very applicable to Ability descriptions, I've snuck in a transcludable "Notes" section that appears here as "Party buffs". Now this text would look awfully silly on a Greater Blessing page, so it's not likely to be transcluded there, but it'd be a simple matter to defer to this article for an explanation, or just create a transcludable greater blessing subpage. Obviously, this being a wiki, people will see what I've done and evolve it to fit more general cases - which is very cool.

Sig-JIM ° talk ˚ contribs. 10:41, 20 June 2008 (UTC)

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