Should Gluth really be categorized as an Abomination? I realise he is part of the Abom-wing in Naxx, but he resembles more of a beast than he does the typical abomination. Just thought I'd pose the question. --Magnus 19:28, 28 October 2006 (EDT)

Fear breaks Edit

Warriors don't need to stance dance now to break fear -- Berserker Rage can be used in any stance.

Note that Death Knights and Druids also get fear breaks, although they are on a 3-minute cooldown, and have other threat/mitigation buffs tied up with them.

Loot table Edit

Gluth also has a chance to drop Loatheb's Shadow, although not indicated in the page.

Loot table Edit

Actually, he has a chance to drop an item from any other boss. I dont think Sath or Kel are included though.

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