Shadow PriestsEdit

Can Shadow Priests cast it while in Shadow form? (User:Tanooki1432 February 2, 2010)


Unless I'm mistaken, Gift of the Naaru doesn't receive pushback anymore. That kinda means Healing Focus isn't a talent improvement anymore. Lawlimnator (talk) 23:01, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Useful increase to HPS?Edit

If a healer cast this on a tank in addition to regular heals, does it increase or decrease the HPS of the healer? In other words, is it a viable heal in instances?

Equation for amount healed including AP or SP Edit

I noticed that the current page does not include an equation for how much it will heal with variables for AP or SP. The current equation is "Level * 15 + 35 = total amount." The part at the top states "The total amount healed depends on the character's level and is increased by either ~110% of the caster's attack power (22% per tick) or ~188.5% of the caster's spell power (~37.7% per tick), whichever bonus is higher." Let's take two examples. Let's say this is two level 80 Draenei with 5000 Attack Power and another with 2500 Spell Power. From what the article says we would use the following calculations:

Attack Power example, (80*15+35)+(1.1*5000)= 6735 hp over 15 seconds at 1347 per tick Spell Power example, (80*15+35)+(1.885*2500)= 5947.5 hp over 15 seconds at 1189 per tick

I don't have an 80 Draenei to test this with, but could someone tell me if this is close to correct and, if so, the equation should be listed in the article. Also, how does this compare to other HoTs such as Rewnew, Riptide, Rejuvination, etc, assuming the character has compoundable Spell Power?

Old Man Tellah (talk) 16:42, September 14, 2010 (UTC)

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