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Author CommentsEdit

Planned features (Dec 2004)Edit

Some planned future features (as of Dec 2004) of this plugin:

- Graphical configuration of parameters, and view of all herb/mineral data.

- More visual differentiation other than orange=mineral, green=herb, perhaps even mini icons of the item in question, most probably switchable by preference.

- Configurable per-character filters, so one character can be configured for minerals, copper only, while a different character will only see high level herbs, however all data will be shared across all characters.

- On-map item locations, with fully configurable filters, so you can check out your data on your big map to see where you need to go for a particular item.

- Some other nice little features that you're gonna love, and I'm gonna keep under my hat so no-one will get the jump on me over Christmas, while I'm slacking off ;)

Development schedule(Dec 2004)Edit

No major updates until after Christmas. Minor updates every other day.

User commentsEdit

[ 14:10, 8 Mar 2005 Ogerwahn ] : I've some problem with EU and Gatherbook, I tried to add some backups, but now everything in the eastern kingdom is mixed up, I get icons in IF or lot's of icons in the deep blue sea of Westfall. Also the imported herbs are just the green circle not the icons, I'm using the defualt 1.9.11 default options.

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