let's look at it without the multipliers:

wpn dmg * proc rate

two weapons of same dps. the slower will proc less often and in the same proportion do more damage

so in this case neither is better.

but they put in a multiplier on the attack power bonus of instant attacks that seems to benifit 2h weapons.

but you see.. when a slower weapon procs.. yes it procs with it's nice big weapon damage.. but it has the attack power bonus which doesn't depend on speed or dps of weapon. so with same attack power. the faster weapon (assuming no multipliers) has a small advantage..

equal damage but same bonus from attack power.. so the one doing it more often wins.

so blizz put multipliers in to help the 2h'ers out to even things out

1.7, 2.4, and 3.3 so what blizz is really saying is.. the average 2h weapon is 3.3/2.4 times as slow as the average 1h weapon, 3.3/1.7 as slow as the average dagger and that the average 1h'er is 2.4/1.7 times as slow as the average dagger.

great. normalized?

not so fast.

instant attacks don't just "proc." you get opportunities to do them.. limited by energy generation rate.. dodges by enemy..

in the end, regardless of speed of weapon. u will do an instant attack with the same frequency of any other weapon.. because the limiting factor is not the weapon speed.. it's outside factors..

because of this.. even without the multiplier, slower weapons would be better.. the multiplier just adds insult to injry.

<end post... the poster didn't sign his post>

this multiplier has ALWAYS been there, however it used to be equal to the speed of the weapon. this made, for example, the arcanite reaper more powerful than the spinal reaper at high AP values, because the spinal reaper had more weapon damage, but the arcanite reaper was slower, so the AP counted for more. they decided to end this perceived inconsistency by making all weapons of a particular type scale instant attacks with AP at the same rate, instead of at their weapon speed's rate. the formula for the "weapon damage" used in isntant atacks calculations went from:

(base damage) + ap*(weapon speed)/14


(base damage) + ap*(a number determined from the weapon's type)/14

hence calling it "normalization"

Tejing 07:56, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

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