High elf?Edit

Wait, does this page need renaming? ("former elf models"?) At least one of the characters pictured (Braelyn Firehand) was always a blood elf. Artaxiel (talk) 03:02, 26 May 2008 (UTC)

Contradictions Edit

He's right, Braelyn Firehand was/is a Blood Elf before TBC came out, which means that the fall and restoration of Silvermoon and the evolution of the Blood Elfs happened long before TBC and Blood Elfs were in extremely few and unpopular numbers.

Although most of these models were abandoned for the modern look there are still some NPCs that use the original models. The High Elfs in Scholomance still use the same model as the original and the Quel'dorei Ghosts use them too. Should they not have been updated with the rest of them?

What confuses me the most is if according to lore and the video of Lament of the Highbourne is why Lady Sylvanas, a High Elf ranger who died in battle, was resurrected into a Night Elf model? If there was High Elf models long before TBC came out then why wasn't she given the model of one of them? But then according to the video her High Elf model is that of the modern one, so when TBC came out there could've been an opportunity to upgrade her looks to the modern High Elf. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Linaeri (talkcontr).

I think its called "Old High elf Models" because most of the NPC's on the page are high elves, most blood elves appeared after the expansion. However, as you stated, there are blood elf models here, so maybe a name change is in order...
My opionion about the Scholomance elves? Most of the other npc's have "cultist" skins, and since the high/blood elf model lack these, they just let them be. They just changed the "important" boss one to make her look different from the others. The Quel'dorei ghosts were an opportunity to re-use old models, (the ghosts in the Dranei starting lands and the COT Hillsbrad have old human models).
As far as Sylvanas is concerned... she's a high elf and always was a high elf. Her new model reflects that. She has a whole talk page dedicated to her model, so talk about it there.--Blayaden (talk) 20:11, November 1, 2009 (UTC)

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