I've seen some inquiries about how the ground DoT works..

The DoT from flamestrike will NOT stack if you repeatedly cast it. You normally get 4 ticks of ~90ish damage if only 1 is cast. If you chain cast twice in a row and stop, you'll get about 6 ticks worth. Meaning: if you chain cast, it'll refresh the DoT duration(overwriting it) but not add a new ground-based DoT. On a differant note, this DoT does work with other mages. 2 flamestrikes can be going at the same time, they just both can't be yours.

In Summary: Ground-based DoTs work the same as normal DoTs.

FS + Impact Edit

Is there a chance the DoT triggers an Impact? Or does it only proc from the initial damage? --bfx 07:20, 15 July 2007 (UTC)

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