All content about Falric and Marwyn is WW:DNP for now, until they are seen on the PTR. Please stop adding such content.

IconSmall Hamuul Loremaster A'noob, Arch Druid of the Noobhoof Clan (talk/contribz) 13:43, November 10, 2009 (UTC)


So now that the Halls of Reflection is on the PTR, it's pretty clear that they're really two separate encounters. Should we split the article accordingly? -- Dark T Zeratul (talk) 10:32, November 18, 2009 (UTC)

Fought and killed separatly yes, but they are one only encounter with no pause between the first dead and the second gauntlet.
Separate loot? or a chest?
Wowhead states
  • "Falric is the first boss of..."
  • "Marwyn is the second boss of..."
  • "Wrath of the Lich King is actually a gauntlet event, that serves as the second boss encounter."
So They are separate bosses, but the lich king is the second encounter... xD
Is a split really usefull? If we split, would the strategy look strange? I mean, rewriting a bit of Falric's strat to explain how Marwyn is going to behave in another article would look strange to me.
IconSmall Hamuul Loremaster A'noob, Arch Druid of the Noobhoof Clan (talk/contribz) 10:54, November 18, 2009 (UTC)
You get four waves of adds, then Falric. Falric drops loot. There are then four more waves of adds, then Marwyn. Marwyn also drops loot. If you wipe between them, you start back at wave six (the one immediately after Falric). There would be no rewriting of Falrics strategy to explain how Marwyn is going to behave, because it's irrelevant to the encounter. I believe the "Lich King as the second boss" bit springs from before it was on the PTR, when everyone though Falric and Marwyn were going to be a single encounter. Now it's clear that they aren't. -- Dark T Zeratul (talk) 19:28, November 18, 2009 (UTC)
Ok, I believe they give loot only when both are dead.
Let's go for the split it then.
IconSmall Hamuul Loremaster A'noob, Arch Druid of the Noobhoof Clan (talk/contribz) 08:17, November 19, 2009 (UTC)

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