Level 54 (Elite) Humanoid Found in Zones:Blackrock Depths

one of the 8 arena mobs summoned. Basic mini boss mob. simple to kill. standard group dynamic tactics.


[1]-Girdle of Beastial Fury bop Waist Leather 89 Armor +8 Strength +10 Stamina Requires Level 50 Equip: +30 Attack Power.

[2]Rubicund Armguards bop Wrist Mail 143 Armor +14 Stamina +8 Agility

[3]Savage Gladiator Grips bop Hands Mail 211 Armor +9 Agility +12 Intellect +14 Stamina +5 Strength Requires Level 52

The Gladiator Set!

And random green drops.

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