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Just got these yesterday and saw theyre not on wowwiki so created account and tried my best, first time i made something here. I also added them to the Zul'Aman Timed page, but I still need to check external links for them, and I'm not sure how to add them.

Also: I used another item page to create this as I do not know anything about creating item pages yet so, please point out an error I made after fixing it, would like to know what I've done wrong.

Ramperkash, 70 Tauren Balance Druid 13:26, 17 January 2008 (UTC)

Looks good =). To add external links, find the item on Thottbot or Wowhead, then look at the URL they use. For instance thottbot has as the URL. So then you know that the "id" for this item is 33971. You can now use that id in the external item link template that you saw.
Also, when adding a new topic in Talk pages, click on the "+" sign at the top rather than editing the page directly. Glad to see another person dive into wowwiki head first! I've just done so myself not too long ago. -- Adonran 17:26, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

Uploaded Screenshots Edit

Got these a week ago. Guild didn't want them gave to me to used as an elemental shaman. Couldn't find anything on any website about these, plus armory showed me not having any leggings when I wore them the day before after logging out. Though it was weird so I came on here to see if someone else got them, guess someone did. Loaded a screen shot i have of them. Enjoy anyone who wants these pants, they are insane for anyone leather+.

Cyborgver1/ Character: Drakehorn Azgalor server Sunday Jan 13, 2008. Got on Jan 9, 2008.

Very cool. I haven't seen any screenshots of this item on thottbot or elsewhere. Wowhead doesn't even have a link for this item. What's the name of the image that you uploaded it as?
Also, it's recommended to sign your Talk posts by adding four tildes (~) at the end. Cheers, Adonran 17:30, 14 January 2008 (UTC)

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