I would enjoy to have an elemental pet ... I'll create a Blood Elf mage ^^--Kirochi 13:21, 12 Mar 2006 (EST)

This page needs to be upgraded. More info about the event please!

Rewards? Edit

What are the rewards of completing this?

The named elementals drop BoE blues and have a chance to drop the Ace of Elementals. The smaller elementals also have high drop rates on elemental essences. Otherwise, there aren't any direct rewards, and nothing that is unique to the event. -- Dark T Zeratul 07:49, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

Princess Tempestria spawn time Edit

I killed Princess Tempestria on the Aegwynn server three days ago and she spawned again just yesterday while I was farming Timbermaw rep.

Many posts on Thottbot seem to say the same thing where she spawns within a 40-48 hour period so I have added that information to the page.

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