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I wnated to see what instance gave which pieces per class. So I created this new table (not pretty, but it has some good info). Formatting is ugly, but I'll work on it. --Dracomage 12:00, 25 April 2006 (EDT)

Class UBRS LBRS Scholomance Stratholme
Druid Chest Feet, Shoulders, Gloves Head, Waist Legs, Wrist
Hunter Chest, Waist Shoulders, Gloves, Waist Head Legs, Feet, Wrist
Mage Chest Wrist Head, Shoulders, Gloves, Wrist Legs, Feet, Wrist
Paladin Chest, Shoulders Head, Wrist Legs, Feet, Gloves, Waist
Priest Chest, Shoulders, Waist Waist Head Legs, Feet, Wrist, Gloves
Rogue Chest, Waist Gloves, Waist Head, Feet, Wrist Legs, Shoulders
Shaman Chest, Shoulders, Gloves, Waist Feet, Waist Head Legs, Wrist
Warlock Chest, Wrist Wrist Head, Shoulders, Gloves Legs, Feet, Waist
Warrior Chest, Shoulders, Wrist Waist, Wrist Head, Feet Legs, Gloves

Added a note that this gear is largely obsolete post-BC. -Homarus

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