Proposed ChangesEdit

2.0 is a good excuse to give this page a facelift. The significant changes to the talent trees, itemization, expansion stuff, etc. mean that we need to start reconstructing these builds. I propose that we organize the builds based on their primary tree. There are very few true hybrid builds around now; even the venerable 30/21 build, while billed as hybrid, is really primarily Feral. Also, instead of naming them after particular players, let's give the point distribution and a brief description (eg "0/30/21 Feral Hybrid").

For now, I'm adding a section called "Pre-2.0 Talent Builds" and putting everything there. Later we can start adding builds. The minimum ones I know we'll want are one good Moonkin build, one good full feral build, one Tree of Life build, the balance-resto mana efficiency build, and the feral hybrid. I'm sure there's more good ones.

Chrazriit 22:00, 25 December 2006 (EST)

UPDATE: Morphology added a very long list of level 70 builds using the Burning Crusade trees. After a conversation with him about it, we're reverting it all away for the remaining three weeks before the expansion, then restoring it on Release Day. This way users will always have viable builds compatible with the current released version of WoW.
Chrazriit 06:18, 30 December 2006 (EST)
It would also be nice if there was a section for level 60 builds for people who chose not to get the expansion.
—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Gemphoenix (talkcontr).


Feral druids are F'n worthless —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Brober777 (talkcontr).

Once again, you apparently don't PvP much, 'nor have you ever been on a stealth run through an instance.--Valkors 03:19, 14 April 2006 (EDT)

What about Moonkin Druid's!!! —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Principia (talkcontr).

I guess you've never seen a kitty druid act as party DPS, or a bear druid as main tank/off tank in 5-man instances. I've even been off tank in 10-man instances. Not to mention that people will love your +3 crit aura. Slavakion 11:12, 6 August 2006 (EDT)

Powerlevelling build - feline swiftness Edit

I'm kind of surprised that the powerlevelling build shown in this article doesn't have the player take Feline Swiftness the instant it becomes available (level 20 and 21).

The ability to get from the inn to the monsters, and back again, 30% faster can significantly improve levelling time.

--Tracer 13:13, 4 December 2006 (EST)

Feral Tanks Edit

Having main and off-tanked with my feral, I can say that I've pissed off many a warrior simply because I was better at taking on up to three opponents at a time in a raid group (AQ in this case). And now with the 2.0 upgrade, I'm sure I'll do that much better.

For someone to say that ferals are "F'n useless" only shows that person's ignorance and outright prejudice.

- Jineitaka, Feathermoon

P.S.: Post 2.10, Blizz has favored the warriors by nerfing the feral tanks. I now spend more time recovering from damage than makes the feral tank build worth my effort to maintain and have since switched to *cringe* Resto. I hate it. I can't solo with Resto without taking FOREVER to kill one thing. I hate it. I want my unstoppable bear form back. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Jineitaka (talkcontr).

Two things you can look into if you like having a bit of killing power while still being raid-friendly. First, since they fixed (balanced) druid tanking, you could go back to that with using a combination of arena gear for getting your uncrittable and tier pieces / heroic turn ins for your armor. A second thing you could look into is a "dreamstate" spec (33/0/28) to give you some pop while soloing and in turn should give you better mana control by reduction in mana costs for some of your healing spells and more mana regen. I've raided just fine with the "dreamstate" spec - outhealing equally geared pallies/shammies/priests with gads of mana to spare... and dpsing while the healing is good.
- Reddusk, Cenarion Circle
—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ejgoody (talkcontr).

Moonkin lovers Edit

there was a post build about moonkin lovers Pve build... just want you to know omen of clarity is useless if you are going balance/resto its more of a feral talent imo... why get that when you can get force of nature? —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yipikaye (talkcontr).

Feral build Edit

ive looked at all the feral build (im feral myself) but cant understand why not even one has impro motw/gotw ... it increases all stats. like armor, attack power, crit chance, and more things we ferals also can use. you will find my build below.

my build:

got demo roar becuase the opponent deals less dmg and 15 more dmg when you use fero bite.

this build makes more sense to me then the once already placed (with the healing talents in it) —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Ganu (talkcontr).

In the Druid Talent Analysis it explains in more detail. I'm not a big fan of Morphology's feral builds myself, but on this decision we're in agreement, I'd say. MotW is a fantastic buff, but the gain you get from dumping 5 talent points into it is very minor. To put it in perspective, you're getting +5 to all attributes, 119 armor, and less than 9 resist all. Would you put 5 talent points into it if the talent read, "Each point in this talent will give you +1 to each attribute, 24 armor and 9 to all resistances"? Because that's it's effect.
In your example build, you actually do get Furor, which is good, but for most people you're sacrificing Furor for Imp MotW, which is a terrible choice. However, those extra five points have to come from somewhere. Where could you have put those? Ferocity is one of the most powerful feral talents you can get-- a talent you had to skip in your build. Feral Instinct would have made you a viable tank, but you only invested 2/3, which means you're not raid-grade for tanking and may even have trouble holding aggro in 5-man instances. Yours seems to be a PVP build, which makes your decision to skip Primal Tenacity even more surprising. In PVP, stuns and fear-kiting are two big vulnerabilities for druids. Natural Shapeshifter or Reflection are both useful if you are shifting alot in BG's to avoid roots and snares (for example, from flag carrying). Reflection also helps with Rage generation, which is again critical if you're tanking and need alot of rage in a hurry (for example, right before a pull). Shredding Attacks is the cornerstone of a PVE DPS spec, helps with tanking and has served me very well stunlocking casters in PVP.
Finally, Feral Aggression is better on paper than it is in practice. The buff to demoralizing roar is a nice-to-have (96 attack power would have been 7 DPS off a target pre-expansion, less now). The buff to ferocious bite is nice until you realize that you only will use it once per fight (if that).
In effect, what you're doing is buffing your feral abilities, at the cost of using them less. The game is probably shouting "not enough rage" and "not enough energy" pretty often. The buffs you bought (particularly imp motw) are not in any way worth the price you're paying.
Chrazriit 10:09, 25 February 2007 (EST)

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