Section Guide RequestEdit

Request: A huge Resto Only Guide. Info on how to survive any class any spec as a resto druid, how to gear for restoration, sockets to use. Enchants for each piece of gear. Posted on the "Druid PvP Guide" page.

How to kill a warlock:Edit



Yeah. We can't :(

Roffler 17:33, 6 October 2006 (EDT)

say it ain't so.... there _has_ to be a way (Zeldi 23:39, 16 November 2006 (EST))

Speaking from a Feral standpoint: Takes some luck, if you have the points invested your crits using a energy will give you extra combo points as well as omen of clar. This is important to utilize when getting th jump on a warlock. I find that (1a)pounce, mangle, mangle, rip, bear form OR (1b)pounce, mangle, rip, cyclone, regrowth, rejuv, bear the best way to start out. At this point, the warlock will come out of the incapacitated state that you put him in and fear you in some way. If he (2a) death coils you then wait until it ends and try to wait for him to fear, charge him. If he (2b) hollow of terrors or puts any fear that can dispelled by a trinket then use it charge, bash and dps down in bear or in cat. At this point he should be so low on health that healing yourself is not neccassary, but if you want to play it safe then as soon as you charge him in step 2, cyclone or bash, regrowth, dps in bear or cat. I stronly recommend staying bear for the 2nd phase because if you can bash then do so. The idea is to keep him stunned. You want to end this fight as quickly as possible and keep yourself topped off with health incase he breaks out of one of the stuns by a trinket. I have usually dueled locks with their pet being a felhunter, but find that it does not matter to a large degree which they choose to use...some may argue otherwise and hey are partaily correct but you should not waste time on the pet, again end the duel as quickly as possible. If you can entangle or have 1 point invested in nature's grasp, use it.

Anyone that is not feral should consider using their stuns in cat and bear forms because over time, a warlock will eat through your Heal over time. Again, end this battle as quickly as possible.

I speak from not only personally experience but also fellow feral druids I have conversed with about warlocks. I usually win in a agianst most warlocks in duels if they are not pvpers, but against and avid pvper it is about a 50% chance I will win. The general word is that it comes down to luck, if you get those extra combo points from crits then you have more time to improvise with healing and preparing for the warlock to come out of your stuns. If you dont get those extra combo points then your're most likely screwed against an experience warlock.

I hope this helps and please post under this if you are confused on any of the suggestions I made. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Bpowers (talkcontr).

Good suggestion, I moved it to the article Cowlinator 22:04, 29 August 2007 (UTC)

Personally, if it's a straight 1v1 duel, any serious warlock will win, with healthstone + double void sac. That is, unless you're lucky and the lock is silly raid specced. Pzychotix (talk · contr) 16:13, 1 January 2008 (UTC)
If I might suggest rewriting the section on feral druid tactics against warlocks. As it stands in article, it is basically a step by step guide as opposed to a general reference. Might just be me but it doesnt sound much like a wiki should. Reading other sections and other pvp guides on wowwiki and comparing them to this section the difference is clearly seen. Dantheman102100 (talk) 19:35, 21 June 2008 (UTC)

How to kill a shaman:Edit

Interesting article to read from a shaman perspective. I noticed most of this section assumes you're facing an enhancement shaman. Lines like "your mana pool is far greater than his" show this quite well. The section also tells you that windfury is nothing for a bear to worry about. True enough, but wouldn't it be better for a druid to know what totems he should actually worry about? The author concludes by saying that resto shamans area push-over. Can't disagree with that.

But, what about elemental combat spec? My level 60 mana pool is 5500+ and I'd frost kite a druid around for as long as possible and just pile on the damage from afar. I think this section needs a few words about how to counter that type of threat. I'm not the one to write it though as I know too little about druids.

Great article otherwise. Skrofler 11:37, 13 April 2007 (EDT)

I m not sure it is plausible to frostkite a druid considering they can shift out and back removing all slow effects immediately plus if feral they got feral charge in bear form and also dash in cat form and even travel form. Theoretically Druids should be hard to kite or even slow down. Just my 2 cents...

Page is in bad need of a rewrite Edit

Most of the information contained on this page is badly out of date, and most of it is bloated and needs to be rewritten from scratch. Little by little I am going to revise each section, I've already modified the rogue section into a format I think is suitable.

Notice it has three subsections; one for each druid spec. I've been a feral PVPer for a long time so I am filling in what I think is best for a feral druid. I'd like to see some decent feral, balance, and restoration druids add to these sections.

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