Written by a non-druid? Edit

"A Balance or Feral specified Druid may be able to main-heal some instances, but this is highly dependent on gear, talent selection, and experience. While the restoration tree provides for the most comprehensive healing abilities, each of the other trees is given something mana-wise "in compensation" for not going down the standard healing tree; Heart of the Wild gives feral druids in healing gear an abnormally large mana pool, and Dreamstate gives balance druids an abnormally large mana regen rate. Be aware that a large mana pool, if the druid selected either of the above talents, is not a substitute for instant heals, quick-cast heals, and heals with a low chance of interruption. Also, a Feral or Balance Druid may not have the healing experience that a Restoration Druid will have. "

This reads like it was written by someone who is not a druid and is stuck in the old 'STFUhaelz' mindset. "None of you are any use at all unless you're healing me and if you're not 61 points into resto you can't heal me at all, and I know this because I have a druid on another server you've never heard of and you can't meet her because she's sick even though she was in town."

I modified it slightly a while back to change 'a feral or balance druid will not have the healing experience' to 'may not', but I'm leaning toward removing it, or at least hacking it off after 'abnormally large mana regen rate'. It's actually not bad up until the 'be aware' line. --Azaram 03:32, 20 January 2008 (UTC)

Same with the " * If the druid is solo healing an instance, make sure he is resto before going on dangerous dps where you might take sudden burst damage. Only Restoration Druids have access to the instant cast direct heals which will save you. Especially mages, who should warn the druid before trying an AoE spree. " bit. Resto druids may be better at healing, but a good druid with a decent healing kit is perfectly capable of main healing. It just takes different strategies. Unless someone objects, I'm going to yank both of those as incorrect. --Azaram 08:33, 23 January 2008 (UTC)
Been a week. I dood it. --Azaram 08:12, 30 January 2008 (UTC)
If the person who made the original comment that Azaram mentioned really doesn't play a Druid at all (and he/she has no experience as a Druid), then they need to learn a few things. Some Druids who choose Restoration for their spec will actually go far enough into the Balance Tree to get Dreamstate so they have a good supply of mana regeneration. Also, there are a couple of talents in the Feral Tree that a Resto Druid might find useful: Thick Hide, which will make a Druid healer more durable, and Heart of the Wild, which gives the Druid a large Intellect bonus. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Felindre (talkcontr).

Things Bears want Cats to know - Serious Misinformation Edit

"Use your mangle when the debuff wears off. It helps the bear's lacerate and only costs you quickly regenerating energy instead of his limited rage that is better spent keeping maul and lacerate going to keep aggro off of you. The bear can mangle too, but maul has a higher aggro modifier."

This is complete nonsense for several reasons. 1) Mangle deals far more threat than maul. Maul adds 322 threat + 176 damage mitigated. Mangle deals something like 50% more damage than a melee attack with a 1.3x modifier to threat, which is /much/ more. 2) Mangle costs 5 rage more than Maul, but maul also prevents you from gaining rage from your next attack, making its net cost greater than that of mangle. 3) Lacerate's damage is fairly poor, especially since the druid will generally be spamming re-applying lacerate before it even has a chance to tick. It also has a x0.2 threat modofier. A druid isn't stacking lacerate for it's damage, he's using it for the initial threat component. The damage is just an incidental side effect —The preceding unsigned comment was added by ElginRoko (talkcontr).

More 're bears want cats' stuff: In my current cat gear, which shares three pieces with my bear gear, I have over 21k armor and around 11k HP when in bear form, as well as 40%+ dodge. I make a decent ohcrap tank, although since my cat stuff doesn't have +defense on it, I'm not uncrittable. It does have some resilience, so I'm not liable to get one shotted. I have occasionally saved a mess like that. More work for the healers but better than having to run back. So a cat-geared druid may be able to hold a boss in bear form long enough to finish a fight if things go bad for the main tank, depending on gear. --Azaram (talk) 03:18, 13 July 2008 (UTC)

PvE information ? Where is Raiding? Edit


if somewants wants to gear up his Druid for PvE - aka Raiding, this page does not offer the slightest information about it. e.g.

  • What hit Rating does a Cat need for L73 mobs?
  • Sta/Armor/Dodge for bears
  • Spell Hit/ Crit/ Mana / HP for (B)oomkins
  • +healing/ Mp5 / Int / .. for healers - when to use self-hamstring form and when not...
  • Maybe listing usefull factions (Scryer/Aldor, Cenarion,...).

Essmene (talk) 16:31, 4 July 2008 (UTC)

Try the Druid instance grouping guide for things about raiding.
Also, there isn't a page like that for any of the classes, since it's hard to make a page with all of the information you want for EVERY possible spec or role. Felindre
And there are a lot of different opinions on what one needs, most of which their defenders will crusade for as the One True Way... --Azaram (talk) 01:00, 10 July 2008 (UTC)
That's a point I didn't think about. I can see someone criticizing information about raiding as a Balance Druid or an Arcane Mage, saying that "those specs are completely worthless for anything except probably PvP". Felindre

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