If you see this, BUY IT! Edit

If you see this in the AH, Mortgage your house, take a loan from the bank! Sell yourself! This gun should NEVER be touched by any class accept a hunter! Rogues/Warriors - But the Proc can help us in Melee! Its a 5.5% Proc rate...By the time you pump out enough bullets, you could do 200x the Damage using your Melee attacks... Warriors can use Rampage, you get 250 Extra Attack Power, Rogues? need I say more! you got the HIGHEST crit chance in the game!

Hunters - Yes, 5.5% Proc! but thats not only On Auto Shot! It procs on all shots (Not stings tho!) Multi, Arcane, Steady, Aimed...So this gun should ALWAYS be put in as a hunter...

ESTIMATED In 10 seconds lets see Warriors/Rogues - You will fire for roughly 300 Per shot...roughly every 3 seconds you fire it, you will do 900 Damage in 10 seconds... Hunters - Will fire for about 600-700 Damage self buffed, First 3 Seconds used Aimed Shot doing 1.5K Damage or a 3K Crit followed with a instant Auto Shot, First 3 Seconds of battle 2.1K Damage, Followed by a Arcane with a Insta Auto double Damage, First 5 Seconds, 5K Damage, Followed by a Multishot/Auto Shot, First 7 Seconds of battle, 8K Damage, And then topped with a Auto Shot! But...Putting in with Procs and Crits... 8K-25K Damage in 10 Seconds!

Warriors/Rogues - 1K damage per 10 seconds Hunters - 8K-25K damage in 10 seconds...

You roll on this Rogues/Warriors...You will be beaten with Oranges!