Incorrect usage of XenophobiaEdit

Btw, article misuses the term xenophobia, as far as definition is concerned.
Xenophobia doesn't mean "hate or fear all races", it means hating or fearing things that are considered "foreign", especially "strangers" or "foreign peoples" to the individual person or group.
A person or group can be friends with people of races that they have regular encounters or relations with and are friends with, but also exibit xenophobia towards other races they have little contact with, that they considers foreign or strange to them.
I.E. America during World War II, but showed xenophobia towards the Japanese and some Germans after Japan bombed pearl harbor, but as a whole, xenophobia was not shown to the British, Russians, Chinese, Phillipinos or Polynesian cultures that helped fight back. In other words its possible to show xenophobia towards one group and not another.
For example, its already been established that racially most Jungle trolls tend to fear and hate the Forsaken, that would be by definition, a form of xenophobia. The fact that many in the horde and alliance fight each other because of fear and hate is also form of xenophobia.
"The belief systems of the affiliations have built up over generations — and so have their opinions of the other affiliations. Tension, conflict, war, religion, faith and philosophies are all aspects that separate the major affiliations. Grudges are strong between them, and a lot of diplomacy is required to break that barrier down. In a world where violence is a commonplace occurrence and magic can do everything from raise the dead to create mistaken identities, xenophobia is a prevalent reaction."[1] (WoWRPG 164)
What this means that almost any race or individual has some form of xenophobia. Does the xenophobia mean he fears all races? No the definition of xenophobia does not mean "hate or fear all races". But it does mean that simply having fear of any one race because they seem strange or foreign would be a form of xenophobia.
However its possible to get over xenophobia, like all phobias its possible over come them. For xenophobia its possible to learn to respect those people one fears, and no longer see them as strange.Baggins 08:49, 1 September 2007 (UTC)


Recently I added a citation for the sentence claiming that the Darkspears don't hate other races. Although the passage I cited only claims that they don't hate the Alliance races, I figured it was something.

However, I found out today that while chapter one of the AH&C says that the trolls don't really hate the Alliance races, just that they make a viable target, chapter two claims that the trolls hate the Alliance races completely and without exceptions (Mainly humans, other Alliance races are distrusted by association). Even given the multiple viewpoints approach, this seems like a very blatant contradiction. I'm not sure whether to leave the citation in or remove it. Thoughts?--Austin P 02:59, 1 October 2007 (UTC)

I'd suggest you look at the WoWWiki:Lore policy#Conflicts.Baggins 06:00, 17 February 2008 (UTC)

Title Edit

If we're not going to delete this, can't we at least change the title to Darkspear confusion? As unlike forsaken and blood elves there was never any controversy about trolls in the Horde. Zarnks (talk) 19:51, 26 September 2008 (UTC)

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