I play a 70 warlock in mostly crafted epics, and I've been watching my KB rate in the BGs as I work on getting this trinket. I'm averaging around 10 KBs in a 25-minute game. That would be around 5 minutes buffed for this trinket, or 1/5 the time. Most trinkets can have their on-use effect for 1/6 of the time.

Of course some of those KBs will re-proc an existing effect (wasting its prior remaining duration), Dementia cancels out its own usefulness, and some of the time I'd be dead or out of combat, so the proc would only be *usefully* active more like 1/7 of the time. I'm not sure the +stamina buff would be useful either if you're not getting heals.

However the other buffs are comparable to a very good caster trinket, and the ginormous +51 stamina on equip puts it over the top. Mattlistener 17:41, 28 August 2007 (UTC)

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