Does anyone else think it would be useful to have a page listing boss (or other significant) fights where Dampen Magic is appropriate? Is there a place to put the page while in development so people can contribute without having a mostly incomplete page linked to? I'm happy to get it started, but am not super-familiar with WoWWiki's structure.

--Jefpearl (talk) 22:30, 6 May 2008 (UTC)

I think this article is possibly fundamentally inaccurate about how this spell works:

Damage taken and healing taken is the same effect as the spell damage/healing stat found on some gear. For example, a warlock casting a damage spell on a target buffed with Dampen Magic rank 6 will have the same effect as if he had 120 less +damage on his gear.

As I understand it, Dampen Magic actually just takes 120 damage off the top off the spell, despite what one might be lead to believe by the wording of the tooltip. This is why it is thought to be more effective against short pulses of damage rather than DoTs and long cast spells. Am I mistaken? Is there any way to get confirmation of this?

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