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I've never come across the term Crimson Legion before - where was this information taken from? --Timolas 21:50, 11 October 2007 (UTC)

Known MembersEdit

For now I have removed all NPCs which are not positioned within Stratholme from the list - we can be quite sure to say that NPCs with a "Scarlet" in their title won't be members of the "Crimson" group within the Crusade (else they would have a "Crimson" title like the courier or the other unnamed NPCs). Also, Isillien and Abbendis control all of the Crusade's activities, not only the Crimson Legion. As of now, apparently the only members of the Crimson Legion are within Stratholme and directly commanded by Saiden Dathrohan - with the sole exception of the Crimson Courier which is travelling from or to Stratholme. --Tulon 01:30 18 June 2007

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