Article edited to reflect the apparent abandonment of the WWS project by Lossendil, given numerous pet detection and spell assignment issues cited on the WWS forums which have gone unanswered for months.

Listed WWS as pre-2.4 capable, others which have updated since, supporting DK pets, etc. I listed as post-2.4 capable.

VargaDeja (talk) 01:34, 30 January 2009 (UTC)

Noticed that Lossendil has made a return to the WoW scene to revert previous changes made to this article. Rather than instigate an revert war I am suggesting that Lossendil demonstrate the 2.4/WotLK capability of WWS before removing the heretofore accurate notation that WWS is 2.4/WotLK incapable.

As the WWS forums have been taken down recently previous discussion regarding each 2.4/WotLK incompatibility cannot currently be cited, but test logs still demonstrate the same problems w/ DK pets, general summon spells, boss splits, and DPS calculation. However, I do notice that the only change to the article was to reorder WWS to the top of the parsers list, not even taking the time to remove the notation from the body that WWS is 2.4 incomparable (specifically DK pets.) VargaDeja (talk) 21:08, 11 February 2009 (UTC)

Lossendil 23 March 2009

Listing WWS in this page as a pre 2.4 parser only is unfair. WWS is perfectly compatible with post 2.4 logs. Admitedly, there have been some bugs, some of which have been addressed, other are still there (eg, invocation of the AotD:Ghoul by a DK). But a small amount of bugs should not disqualify WWS entirely. I've changed this page because of a user asking me why WWS was no much downranked on this page. I'm going to change it again. I don't care if WWS is on top of similar tools, I just want false statements removed. I'm OK to discuss further here.

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