Arrow DataEdit

The table for arrows seems to be based on data from Arrows at, but that the stats for the arrows seems bogus and just put there because their DB doesn't deal well with ammo. Please look at Arrows which has data from Thottbot and seems closer to actual game info. I don;t have any characters who can use a bow, so I usually don't look at arrows, so could someone confirm or deny which set of info is correct?

I'll probably look at tooltips from General Goods vendors to see what looks most correct, but allakhazam definitely seems wrong.

--Fandyllic 7:18 PM PDT 6 October 2005

Okay, I looked in-game and the table for arrows is definitely bogus. I'm going to change it in the near future.

--Fandyllic 10:52 AM PDT 7 October 2005

Crossbows are not BowsEdit

Just wanted to justify my removing "A crossbow is a type of bow" from this page. I found it misleading. In game terms crossbows and bows require different weapon skills. In real life terms, crossbows do not rely on muscle power. Crossbows have their own page so I figure why confuse the issue? -- User:Xwrn

Working into new layout Edit

I'm trying to work this into a new and improved item layout. I have moved it down to an article in the Bows Category rather than have it go to the Ranged Weapons Category in hopes that it will be a much more general area for posint articales about the use of ranged weapons in general. --BaldMonkey 22:52, 29 Sep 2005 (EDT)

quiver and increased speed Edit

I don't play a hunter so I am not positive, but I believe that the increased shooting speed for quivers was removed. its mentioned in the quiver page ( as being gone. MarkButler (talk) 05:44, April 1, 2010 (UTC)

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