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I really, really disagree with the way the "Notes" section was written concerning this's actually viewed widely as an all-but-useless talent, especially for tanking (in which you should be immune to critical hits) & in PVP (in which resilience should decrease your chance to be critically hit). I'm going to rewrite this in, hopefully, a more concise manner.

›› Arideni т 16:02, 16 January 2008 (UTC)

This talent was changed to restore %6 over 6 seconds with 3 points awhile ago. - JeffMD

Actually, this talent changed with 4.0.1. It has a 10% chance after taking any damage to recover 2.5/5/7.5% of your health. As a DPS it's all but useless (As you shouldn't be taking damage) but as a tank with the extra 5 spill-over talent points, it's very good to grab. If nobody disagrees, I am going to fix the whole page to suit the new 4.0.1 patch. (Also, alot of other pages need updating as well, but are not in my area of expertise.)

User:LinkX 23:01, 11/4/2010 (I hope I did that right...)

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