Reverted back to epic

this item has been bugged on and off since patch 3.0.0 which is why there stats and rating has changed so much. they are surposed to be Epic items with the stats on the wiki at the moment and some players see them as such. however some players see them as a rare item, with an itermisation bill simlar to the level 60 versions of these items. Between patch 3.0.2 and 3.0.3 this could be fixed by deleting the the cache file in Wow and when you log on the spaulders had magically been buffed and returned to epic. However with patch 3.0.3 the spaulders returned to there blue versions (bug forums suggest this is to do with a hotfix not being applied to the patch) all implication however is that these will be hotfixed back to the correct epic versions within a short time.


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