I did not change any of the formulas, which are outside my scope of knowledge, just cleaned up some of the math. How sure are the previous authors that the items all multiply? It is kind of standard for games to use a percent increase/decrease off the base delay, so that the increases and decreases are additive. Madkaugh


What is listed below this edit is incorrect, here is the correct formula; Attack speed = "current attack speed" * (1 - "percent increase or decrese"/100) Therefore with given buffs and sample attack speed, Attack speed = 1.8 * (1 - 30/100) = 1.26 Attack speed = 1.26 * (1 - 20/100) = 1.008 Attack speed = 1.008 * (1 - 3/100) = .978

His example does prove that percentages are memory based and do not add i.e. Percents = 30 + 20 + 3 = 53 percent which would be---- .846 vs our answer which is .997 So with the current buffs and our attack speed of .997 the percentage is actually around 45.7 percent.


The above edit is actually incorrect. The speed increase is applied to your swings per minute not your weapon speed.

If you have a weapon with a speed of 3.4 you will swing 17.65 times a minute. From Seal of the Crusader tooltip: "The Paladin also attacks 40% faster, but deals less damage with each attack."

Using the Seal in game grants a weapon speed of 2.43 (24.69 swings per minute) This is an additional 7.04 swings per minute.

(7.04/17.65 + 1)*100=139.89 or 140% of normal speed, a 40% increase.

40% of the listed weapon speed interger would be 1.36, and one might assume subtracting that from the listed weapon speed would give you 2.04 as newly increased weapon speed but 2.04 weapon speed would mean you swing your weapon 29.41 times per minute which is 11.76 additional swings per minute that actually equals 166.63% of normal speed or a 67% increase.

(11.76/17.65 + 1)*100 = 166.63% of normal speed.

Am removing the edit but am keeping it here for further discussion.

Does anyone know, or know how i could find out the haste rating to attack speed percentage conversion rates, and whether or not they vary for each class. -bladeScythe

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