For 1.11 Edit

Eyeonix gave a hint on content of 1.11, while annoucing a non-consumable Quintessence.

5. Re: Aqual Quintessence | 3/27/2006 1:52:24 PM PST

In patch 1.11 we're implementing a non-consumable version of the Aqual Quintessence, available to players once they become revered with the Hydraxian Waterlords. This item will be available from Duke Hydraxis, and should allow the weekly Molten Core runs for many players to be slightly more convenient.

Joy for Molten core...--Cartier 21:33, 27 March 2006 (EST)

Corrected reference to Runes in Aqual Quintessence page. There are only 7 runes, not the 8 originally listed. --Gaija 11:44, 28 March, 2006 (CST)

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