Sage agentEdit

Thought I'd point out that it is a misleading twist of the information. The page it cites to does not speak of anything called "sage agent", rather the random sentence states;

"investigate the issue thoroughly, they discover that this “sage” is actually an agent of Balzannar"[1] (LoM 46)"

Nether does the term sage agent exist, nor is it a named agent.

Add to the fact that the first line is also a misleading twist of the orignal information. The book makes references to agent and double agent, but does not define what an agent is. It is not one of the rpg professions, such a list can be found in Crafts and professions (the list is based on the craft and professions table from the rpg). The reference to agent is just a random suggestion stating;

Remember, while each race has its “default” affiliation, heroes can belong to any faction...This option may open doors to create a unique, dynamic history for such a character. After all, the player must decide why the character left his own side.
Some suggestions are listed below:
...Is really a double agent, pretending to belong to the new affiliation, while still reporting to his old faction.*
* A double agent must be handled with care. The situation can make for interesting roleplaying, but it can cause friction among players if it is not dealt with well - for instance, if the other players do not know of the agent’s true affiliation and have their heroes betrayed or even killed as a result of that character’s actions.[2] (WRPG 227)

There is a big difference between RPG's list of professions and simply roleplaying a background for your character. His comment pretty much had nothing to do with the original source, he was citing. Baggins (talk) 10:32, 3 October 2008 (UTC)

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