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Just as curiosity (wich is also a question wich rambled around my mind yesterday while raiding for the quest of Razorflank's heart), are these quilboars trying to resurrect Agamaggan by insuflating into common boars dark magics aswell as food until one of these endures enough to rise as their new god of sorts?
I guess Agathelos the Raging is one of the boars wich endured more on their experiments, and perhaps the crone Charlga Razorflank is trying to reach such purposes by receiving powers from the "Scourge" in exchange of lands for their future undead militar campaings on Kalimdor. This may also tie together along with the other reasons of how the Scourge is trying to get into the continent (as stated by several number of quests).

Is not official, but I think this boar fits with the quilboar inner purposes for The Barrens and beyond.
Ravenore the Necroshadowmancer 20:57, 23 July 2007 (UTC)

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