Issues with this article Edit

--Fandyllic (talk) 6:46 PM PST 14 Nov 2006

It was unclear how best to name the article, but one of the wiki editors put this in the addons category. I'm fully open to placing this in a better place, where we can discuss standard for inter-addon communication. Open to your specific suggestions as to where its best to place this article.

Perhaps an AddonCommunication or AddonStandards category? Cladhaire

I'd suggest first making a parent article Addon Communication, with some generic info about best practises for using SendAddonMessage and so on (maybe some history too?). Then have a section in that talking about the need for standardisation, and link to subpages including this one for particular standards (on the assumption that we may want to document further standards in future (eg CTRA's protocol which I believe is also used by oRA etc?). I could have a go at throwing something together if you like --Karrion 23:27, 14 November 2006 (EST)

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