Is there any way to get Addons that were already created by other users?

Contact the author directly - we try to provide URLs to AddOns written about here, but... -- Sarf 06:54, 3 Dec 2004 (EST)


Q: Does .TOC stand for Table Of Contents?

A: Yes it does.

I'm considering adding this:

In Brief Edit

If you just need a pre-flight checklist: (Make sure you understand everything above before you use this.)

1. Create new directory in Interface\AddOns

2. <YourAddOnDirectoryName>.toc in your AddOn folder containing:

  • A ## Interface: tag
  • A ## Title: tag
  • A ## Description: tag
  • YourAddOnDirectoryName.xml

near the end of this section. Any objections? Ecnassianer Feb 27, 05

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