I am curious if the Statistics achievements that are being updated with each patch the ones that are going to be called Account achievements? if so then we are going to need a whole new set of pages for them

These Achievements include

  • Character achievements
    • Talent tree respecs
    • Badges of Justice acquired
    • Badges of Brutality <PH> (Nax 10) acquired
    • Badges of Inequity <PH> (Nax 25) acquired
      • Wealth
        • Gold from quest rewards
        • Total gold acquired
          • Money from vendors
          • Money from questing
          • Money looted from creatures
          • Money from auctions
        • Auctions posted
        • Auction purchases
        • Most expensive bid on auction
        • Most expensive auction sold
        • Gold looted
        • Most gold ever owned
        • Average gold earned per day
        • Gold earned from auctions
        • Gold from vendors
        • Gold spent on travel
        • Gold spent at barber shops
        • Gold spent on postage
        • Gold spent on talent tree respecs
        • Items pickpocketed
      • Consumables
      • Reputation
      • Gear
      • Attributes
    • Combat [L]
      • Largest heal cast
      • Largest hit dealt
      • Total damage done
      • Total healing done
      • Largest hit received
      • Total damage received
      • Largest heal received
      • Total healing received
    • Kills (has sub categories)
    • Deaths (has sub categories)
    • Dungeons & Raids (has sub categories)
    • Skills (has sub categories)
    • Travel
    • Social (has sub categories)
  • Player vs Player (has sub categories)

and so on -- ( Morph | Contribs | Talk ) 16:54, 3 September 2008 (UTC)

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