This doesn't work in "SAY" for me.

SAY What? Edit

/script SendChatMessage("Hi!", "SAY" ); Works just fine for me.

-- AlexanderYoshi 19:48, 5 Feb 2005 (EST)

Anyone know how to add a line break I tried

/script SendChatMessage("Hi!\nHi!", "SAY" );

but only kicked myself out of wow.

The use of the newline character in any chat message will disconnect a player for WoW. Not sure what patch this was added in. I believe it was added cause people were doing things like

/g hello\n[Guild][PlayerB] I like farts

and making it appear that playerB said something they really didn't.

by minsoul from China-----------

in chinese WOW,as follow:

/script SendChatMessage("Hello", "WHISPER", "通用语", UnitName("target"))


/script SendChatMessage("Hello", "WHISPER", UnitName("target"))


I don't know if this is the right place to ask that and if isn't it, i'm sorry.

I wrote an add that uses the commands "SendChatMessage(msg,PARTY,nil,nil);" and "SendChatMessage(msg,RAID,nil,nil);" After, I would like to keep the focus on the channel used by the SendChatMessage but I don't know how... The focus returns systematically on the previous channel (SAY, for example). Can you help me please? :)

--Thorbjorn 08:45, 9 November 2007 (UTC)


Seams like if you send allot of messages to a "CHANNEL" of own desired name the RTT get kinda strange if you send like 50messages after each other. Messages get from client to server and bumps back agen to clients joined to the channel. All messages sent get to the server as tended. message 1-9 get delayed 0,2s (RTT) and its ok here, couse the wow client itself shows the same RTT in the network info tooltip.
msg 10-20 get delayed aout 9,6s !! Now its kinda throttling going on.
msg 30-40 get delayed about 20s
msg 40-50 get delayed about 30s
--Crixi 2008-08-22

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