Definition of UsableEdit

I'm not sure exactly what is being checked here.

Pretty sure it includes cooldowns and mana/energy/rage, also assuming it will check:

  • correct item(s) equipped, such as a dagger for backstab or a wand for using the wand ability.
  • correct stance/form, e.g. druid in bear form to use growl.

I've no idea at all if it will check

  • range
  • facing
  • reagents
  • etc

As a poor deprived European who's not in closed Euro beta, maybe someone else can check these and update the page accordingly :) My hunch is anything that would cause the icon to grey out on the action bar will cause this method to return false, anything else won't, but I've no evidence to back this up :) -- Goldark 12:31, 10 Dec 2004 (EST)

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